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Women & The Gospel/PULPIT

Jesus changed the rules of engagement, breaking down barriers of race, gender, and cultural classes.

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Don't remove Old Landmarks

America's Biblical landmarks are removed, bringing curses on the nation.

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Forget! Reach! Press!

Forget the hurts & failures of the Past. Reach for the blessings of the Present. Press toward the Future!

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The Crucifixion Conspiracy

The plot of intrigue & betrayal began with a parade but ended with a play that rocked the course of history!

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Jesus Cares

Only Jesus can tell you about your shameful past & make you happy!

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The Last Supper

The broken body & shed blood of Christ our Passover heals the bodies & seals the resurrection of believers when taken reverently.

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Psalm 34

God delivers us first from our fears–then from our troubles! He used a license plate to answer me!

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Portal of Glory

"Gloria Santiago!" she cried as heavenly light penetrated her body: Pure ecstasy!

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Healer in the House

The power of the Lord was present to heal them all! Jesus gave us the authority to use His Name against sickness!

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Jesus' Manifesto & Mandate

Satan's Manifesto is to steal, kill & destroy. Jesus' Manifesto is to destroy the works of the devil!

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We Would See Jesus

On the cross, He tore down the wall of separation between Jew & Gentile. In Him there are no racial barriers.

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Do You Know Who Your Daddy Is?

Gender identity crisis is Satan's ploy to deny our Creator's physical design when we don't know Him as Father.

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The Parable of the Seed

When is the seed not the Word of God? When it is Christians who are born-again of the incorruptible seed of the Word!

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The Parable of the Tares

Tares are people who look like wheat but bear poisonous seeds. Satan sows them among the saints, so beware!

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Spirits: Angels & Demons

Discern & Deal: pychics, seducers, imitators, intimidators & more.

5 Disc Set.

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God Breathed

When God breathes, the Spirit moves, the dead are raised & hope is revived!

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It's not a social, cultural, moral, private issue, but breaking God's Law. God will judge those who keep silent.

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One Nation
Under God

The Founding Fathers were Bible-Believers. These facts are now being disputed and redacted from history books. Do you know them?

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The Supreme Court

God designed marriage to be one man and one woman, and homosexuality is condemned. But there is forgiveness in Jesus Christ

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God has made of one blood all nations, and there are not other gods for other people.

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Amalekites Among Us

A trail of intrigue throughout centuries follows the Amalekites' hatred of the Jews.

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