Sermons by Sharon Hardy Knotts

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If You Believe in Prayer, Pray!

If you believe in prayer, then you can pray believingly!

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Look at the Promisor

Facing the Impossible? Sarah's secret got her pregnant & earned a place in Faith's Hall of Fame!

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Two Immutable Things

What is more significant than a promise from God? Found out in sequel to Look At the Promisor.

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8 Reasons Some Are Not Saved

Discover 8 strategies Satan uses to keep people from getting saved and how to conteract his lies.

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Bringing in the Big Fish

Those unsaved, long-standing, hard cases: God has them on His hook, so don't give up!

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Predestination Vs. Fatalism

Discover how choices we make everyday determine our destinies!

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The Creative Word, The Living Word (Updated)

How to use "rhema", God's spoken Word, to effect every area of life: spirit, soul, & body. Bestseller!

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3 Levels of Faith

To believe when things are: 1. only favorable, wimpy faith 2. not positive nor negative, waiting faith 3. hopeless, winning faith.

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Follow the Ark!

Crossing Jordan was final hurdle to the Promised Land as priests stepped in rushing waters carrying God's Presence.

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The Last Blast

God's voice is the sound of the shofar loud & long. When He sounds the last trump, we're out of here!

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Understanding the Times

Precise scriptural teaching on the end times & powerful preaching on the urgency of the hour.

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The Tale of Two Trees

Cherubim guarded Eden & the Temple veil till Jesus died & opened the way to the Tree of Life!

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Lovest Thou Me?

The Greek words for love, AGAPE & PHILEO, show the truth of Peter's calling to be a fisher of men.

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